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Motivate charitable giving, inspire voulnteers, and ignite a spirit of service in your organization with Beatrice Biira and her powerful story.

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Beatrice is a compelling, dynamic motivational speaker who shares her fascinating life story to convey an important sense of purpose to her audience.

Born and raised in Kasese District in Western Uganda, Beatrice speaks with both heart and wisdom as she shares her firsthand knowledge of development issues, particularly as they affect women and children who live in extreme poverty.
From her personal experience, Beatrice understands the roles that women endure in low income communities. She also believes in the transformative power of a good quality education. She is therefore committed to raising awareness of these two causes and urging the global community to commit more resources to these causes.

Beatrice’s story was captured in Page McBrier’s book, Beatrice’s Goat, which reached number eight on the New York Times’ Children’s Book List. The success of Beatrice’s inspiring journey out of poverty have earned her invitations to world famous stages, conferences, panels, classrooms and congregations, across the United States, appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS 60 Minutes, as well as a national speaking tour in support of the book and the work of Heifer Project International.

Beatrice is a Ugandan national and has a Master’s in Public Service from the Clinton School of

Public Service at the University of Arkansas, and a B.A. in International Development and Social Change from Connecticut College
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“Beatrice has made invaluable contributions to issues affecting women and girls around the world. She has a distinguished reputation as an advocate for people living in extreme poverty and has been recognized by countless organizations and news outlets in the United States, Uganda and around the World for the clarity and inspiration of her leadership.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Former Candidate for U.S President, U.S Secretary of State, U.S Senator and First Lady of the United States, Life Long Advocate for Women and Children.

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